From Stone Age to Space Age


Groom-O-Matic will take your Pet Salon or Spa from the stone age to the space age. This powerful software was designed from the ground up, to meet the needs of the groomer and is not a modified contact management system disguised as a new product.

The screens and tools are designed to make your shop more productive, more customer friendly and provide a better experience for your clients, their pets and your staff. Is your schedule written in an appointment book that is hard to read and visualize? Having Groom-O-Matic manage your appointments will allow you to take that extra pet, not miss any appointments and maximize your productivity.

Are you still using cards to track your clients and their pets?  Are the cards looking as worn and dog-eared as the pets that you are grooming?

If you are using cards, you know that they get smudged, damaged or even worse, lost. What do you do when your client asks you to do the same thing you did last time for their pet and you have lost the card? What if you charge them a different rate, or forget about some special request?

Groom-O-Matic was developed to solve these problems and provide you with a green, paperless facility.

We have a ton of features, so please read about them and check out our demonstrations and try the site for yourself.

While our focus was to improve the groomer's job, we also provided tools for your management functions, such as reports, staffing and scheduling. We even have modules that allow your clients to track their pet's progress through their appointment and be notified on the web, via email or text message.