Website Tracking

In today's world we use so many social apps that our privacy is being invaded non stop. When you use this website, our marketing page, we use cookies, but only to enhance your experience and make sure you can navigate between pages. We don't track you, use or sell that information.

It doesn't stop there!

Your shop data is yours. It should never be shared, never be sold, never be used to help any other vendor, competitor or marketing team.

We do not share, sell or use your client information, sales data, analytics, employee data - any data - with anyone. This is your property, your intellectual capital and your life blood of your business. Why would you want anyone else to see information about your business or your clients? Why would you want people to market and target your clients? That's just not right. Rest assured, we don't disclose information.

When you place your data into Groom-O-Matic® it is private to your account. Only you and people that you permit to have accounts can see that data, and even the people that can see some data can have different restrictions. Groom-O-Matic® uses cookies to store information about your shop so that we make sure it's really you and that you can perform the tasks needed to run your business.